Scenic Boat Tours

Stewart Island/Rakiura is home to a great array of natural diversity, including a wide variety of protected marine mammals and bird species, and boasting the greatest diversity of seaweed in all of New Zealand. This diversity and abundance makes our waters an exciting place to explore with our scenic boat tours & evening cruises.

Let us give you a unique perspective of Stewart Island not achieved by standing on dry-land. During a scenic boat tour you’ll never quite know what to expect, from coastline to coastline, penguins to petrels, seaweeds hiding sea lions, dolphins and driftwood, this scenic is all about discovering that which calls the ocean & coastline its home. Our local skippers will be your guide in understanding the history and nature that is, Stewart Island.

Our scenic boat tours feature small group sizes so that you get the most out of your time and experience, avoiding crowds and giving you access to your guide who can answer any questions you may have along your encounter.

Ulva Island Circumnavigation

Gain a unique perspective of Ulva Island that most visitors never experience.
Circumnavigate the Island to come to understand its place within the context of Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island. This gives you an appreciation of the size of the island, and the effort required to keep Ulva Island predator free.
In the tour we visit secluded coves, such as ‘The Snuggery’, that cannot be accessed through the Island’s track network.

Duration: 1 hour approx.       Departure: Golden Bay            Price: from $60pp, minimum 2

The Historic Norwegian Whaler’s Base – New Zealand’s First Marine Heritage Site

Off-the-beaten-track! Be dropped off at Miller’s Beach and cross through old Rimu-rich forest for this piece of history that characterises Stewart Island’s diverse and rich history. Discover a ship wreck, sizeable discarded propellers, an old Swedish boiler, factory foundations, and informational placards that give the visitor an idea of what life was like in early 1900 flourishing Stewart Island settlement. It’s a very special site in terms of European and New Zealand history from the last century – in particular, the connection between Antarctica, New Zealand, and Norway.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours        Departure: Golden Bay            Price: from $70pp, minimum 2

Freshwater River

Visit the gateway to the Western coast of Stewart Island/Mason Bay. An amazing amazon adventure. Cruise up a serpentine river, from Toetoe wetland environment transitioning into overhanging Manuka forest. The river becoming increasingly narrow as you enter the upper reaches.  An exhilarating tour which navigates the river at speed to catch the tide.  Slowing down at times to give you the opportunity to soak it all in. At Freshwater landing explore a vantage point over the inky river from a rickety and authentic Stewart Island swing bridge.

Please be aware this trip is tide dependent.

Duration: 1.5 hours        Departure: Golden Bay            Price: from $80pp, minimum 2

Custom Scenic Tours

Recommended highlights and destinations for custom tours:

  • Bravo Islands
  • Kaipipi
  • Kidney fern
  • The Neck
  • Salmon & Mussel Farms
  • Whero Rock
  • Bench Island
  • Ackers Point
  • Mamaku Point
  • Little Glory & Ocean Beach

Talk with our skippers to customise a tour that best suits you and fits the conditions.
Sea state, tide, and weather conditions may preclude some destinations and highlights.

Duration: 1 hour minimum recommended           Departure: location arranged to suit
Price: from $60pp, per hour           
Passengers: minimum 2, maximum 9