Stewart Island Activities – What we offer

Here at Rakiura Adventure we endeavour to make your stay an authentic Stewart Island adventure. We offer true blue Stewart Island activities to make your stay unforgettable.

Our company believes local knowledge and passion is the key to providing this experience. To bring this to our visitors we partner with and promote small, local operators who are are a real part of the Island you are coming to explore.

Travel around Stewart Island’s coast by water taxi,  tramp through Rakiura National Park, get close to the wildlife with local guides, cruise our township by e-bike, learn about our history, flora, and fauna, embark on a hunting expedition, catch your own blue-cod, or go for a dive, and don’t forget to see a kiwi! All on picturesque Stewart Island – Rakiura.  

So, if you’re planning a trip – check out our range of tours and destinations that keep this ethos at the heart.

Outdoors Activities – On The Water

Expand your horizons with a pelagic or scenic tour to encounter our marine wildlife see our coastline from a different angle. Luxuriate on an evening or overnight cruise aboard our new vessel – MV Wairangi.

Get closer and go snorkelling with Ollie & Johnny and let the natural abundance and water clarity mesmerise you. Try your hand at catching your dinner with one of our classic local characters. Hire a sea-kayak from Phil or go on a guided paddle to really get close to nature and explore secluded coves at your own pace.

Outdoors Activities – Land Lubbers

Visit Ulva Island and let the birdlife knock you off your feet, and open your eyes to what the New Zealand bush should be like! Walk at your own pace, or take a guided walk to learn about our Island, its flora, fauna and history in more depth.

Take a hike and tramp your way to some of the most wild, beautiful and remote locations in the country with the North-West and Southern Circuits. Book a hunting block and spend some time enjoying the simple solitude of nature.

Or, enjoy many of the shorter village based bush walks. Combine water taxi, land taxi, and flights to create the perfect leisurely one, two, or three day tramping experience. For example – fly to Mason Bay and walk back, or take the water taxi to North Arm or Port William and walk back to the village or road end where you could get an Aurora Cab.

Hire an E-bike for a day and get around all of the many beaches and bays accessible by the road network.

Once the dusk is over and darkness falls, take a stroll and search for the famous Stewart Island Kiwi. You might get lucky and get up close and personal with perhaps one of the world’s funniest and most elusive birds.

Stroll outside to catch unimpeded views of the Milky Way – and on the right night, perhaps even the Aurora Australis. (Keep a lookout for geomagnetic activity in the vicinity 7-9 for a chance to see it with the naked eye).


Stewart Island Activities – Indoor Days

Join locals and fellow travellers for a great night out at the infamous South Sea Hotel weekly pub quiz on a Sunday night.  Teams are limited to 6 people, and be in by 6pm latest to register your team as it’s always extremely popular!

On a day when the weather is less than ideal – head on over to see our friend Dave the master carver for a chance to design, create and finish your own greenstone memento.

Enjoy an evening out at our quaint local cinema and watch a screening of ‘A Local’s Tail’ – some great viewing giving you a deeper appreciation of the Island, and the Islander’s love for their home.