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Check out Stewart Island Adventures guided snorkelling/diving tours.

This is a brand new experience offered to Stewart Island visitors by two passionate free-divers and nature guides. They’ll show you the Island waters below the boat and through the kelp gardens.

“Stewart Island’s mysterious and beautiful underwater world boasts a unique and healthy ecosystem. The coasts are lined with tangled kelp forests with strands of kelp growing up to 10 meters long and providing some memorising scenic viewing below the waves. Many species of fish such as Greenbone, Blue Moki, Blue Cod, Trumpeter and Wrasse dart in and out of these forests.

Occasionally a New Zealand Sea Lion or Fur Seal will gracefully float past and playfully interact with snorkelers. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for a sneaky octopus camouflaged in the rocks!

Stewart Island Adventures wants to give you the opportunity to put yourself below the surface and explore this fascinating marine playground with the help and knowledge of our two experienced local guides.

Our tour takes approximately 3.5 hours and you will be supplied with warm wetsuits, masks, fins, and a boat ride to and from your snorkelling spots. Our groups have a maximum of 8 people with our two guides, so your experience will be exciting and personal. We also cater for larger groups and school trips!

Ollie : +64 (0)22 105 8740

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Amazing dive today with a calm and inquisitive male NZ Sea Lion. This teenager came right up to us and the boys we took snorkelling today! Cheers @goodguy.gus and James Clark #gopro #nzsealion

Posted by Stewart Island Adventures on Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The weather has been improving here on Stewart island and so has the visibility, which means more freediving! Here is a wee video of a Moki school in Sydney Cove marine reserve, as always the inquisitive fish are keen to check out a motionless diver on the bottom. You can try spot the odd one out (2 this time!), there is a Blue Cod sneaking around and a Banded Wrasse lurking too! Be sure to watch in HD!!

Posted by Stewart Island Adventures on Tuesday, 15 October 2019