Overnight and Day Charters

Overnight and Day Charters

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On a budget? – We recommend opting for the bed and breakfast accomodation package and pairing this with a scenic evening cruise.

With a group? – Book out the boat for a half day charter, or evening cruise. Rally your friends together and cruise in style. Enjoy lunch and drinks afloat. Dare a swim, explore ashore and sunbathe on deck.

Diving enthusiasts? – Opt for a full day charter to allow time to visit multiple dive sites in the day, relax for some lunch in between and enjoy the hot showers on deck!

Wanting to explore? – Enquire about fully catered overnight cruises where we stop at different anchorages each day, and organise all the adventures and activities your heart desires.



Our Wooden Fleet!

We are exited to share our classic vessels with you. Now available for scenic, day, and overnight charters.

If you fancy yourself cruising between bays, beaches, coves and islands, watching the albatross soar, exploring verdant native bush tracks, reading books in the saloon, or even diving in crystal clear waters rich with sea-life (followed by a warm deck shower of course) then a trip aboard Wairangi is for you. 

Wairangi can cater for groups of up to six people on overnight charters, and groups up to twenty for day charters. Equipped with cooking facilities this vessel is ideal for custom charter where we provide catering.

Ranui can cater for groups up to twenty-four on day charters. With full walk around deck, comfortable seating inside and outside, a cosy wheelhouse, this boat is ideal for larger groups.

Charters can be fully tailored to each specific group and their particular interests, budgets, timeframes and group sizes.

Half day charter – starting from $200 per person, minimum three people.
We can customise day charters, which can include shore excursions at locations favoured by your skipper. Book out the boat for a half day charter. Rally your friends together and cruise in style. Explore our beautiful coastlines and take in the stunning views.

Tea, Coffee, Light Snacks provided aboard.

Full day charter – starting from $300 per person, minimum three people.
A full day charter allows you to enjoy the island at a more leisurely pace – or stop in at more locations along the way. Snuggle up in the snuggery (a cosy anchorage), go for more than one walk, explore a piece of coastline in depth, focus on spotting wildlife. Full day charters start at 9am and run until 5pm. Self catered or catered options available.

For larger groups please contact direct to customise a charter. Prices can be negotiated depending on time of year

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Overnight Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast

Choose this classic vessel as your floating accommodation. Your home port of call from which to explore Oban, Stewart Island and the surrounds.

The boat will be situated on it’s secure mooring in Golden Bay – a one minute tender ride, and a 10-15 minute walk from ‘downtown’ Oban. Transport to and from the vessel via tender is fully included at any hour of your stay to allow you the flexibility of stretching your legs.

Breakfast is included each morning of your stay.

Tack on an evening, or day cruise to enjoy the boat under motion and different scenery out the window.

Other things to note
A warm reminder: We can only accept guests with no mobility issues, as you will need to be able to board and disembark the vessel by tender and also access your accommodation/bedrooms via stairs/ladders.

Feel free to call us: +64272898292


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Day & Overnight Charter

Fully Catered Overnight Charters - We recommend four adults for overnight charters, but the day trips can include more people.

A full time skipper and crew person will join you onboard to ensure catering and activities are available throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks/refreshments generously catered. Let us show you how the locals enjoy this place, with activities such remote bush and beach walks off the beaten track, bonfires on the beach, a little recreational fishing and diving, and serene moments with stunning views.

With a eight person tender available by which to explore deeper into coves and bays, and set ashore for walks, picnics and other excursions. We can also include guided free-diving and snorkel tours, guided spear-fishing, and more.

Areas of interest and potential anchorages include Kidney Fern, the Norwegian Whalers Base, Millar’s Beach, Sailor’s Rest, Little Glory and adjoining walk to Ocean Beach, Bravo Islands, the Snuggery (Ulva Island), Papatiki bay and many more.


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