Ulva Island Watertaxi Transfers

Ulva Island Watertaxi Transfers

About Ulva Island

Ulva Island, situated in the waters of Stewart Island/Rakiura, stands as an iconic and stunning sanctuary for birds, free from pests. Its longstanding protected status offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in an untouched rainforest, observing rare birds and plants up close. This natural haven encapsulates the essence of New Zealand's original bush, possibly representing what it could become with enhanced predator control initiatives. Vibrant with sounds, activity, a spectrum of colors, and diverse life, it's a vivid testament to nature's richness!

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How it came to be

The island was initially safeguarded as a reserve for the 'Preservation of Native Game and Flora' in 1899, marking it as one of New Zealand's earliest reserves! Pest eradication efforts commenced in the 1980s and 90s, culminating in the declaration of the island as pest-free in 1997. The targeted elimination of rats, in particular, enabled the safe reintroduction of several endangered species back to Ulva Island.

The Island today

Ulva Island boasts a unique biodiversity with a chance to spot Kākā, Kākāriki, Tūī, Bellbirds/Korimako, and other rare species. It's possibly the only place where you might encounter a kiwi in daylight, amidst shorebirds and New Zealand/Hooker’s sea lions. The well-marked tracks offer a misleading but leisurely pace, allowing a 1.5-hour loop without stops.

Whether you prefer independent exploration or guided insights, Ulva Island caters to both. Opt for an Ulva Island self-guide booklet available at local spots or join small-group guided tours for expert knowledge. The booklet offers color-coded maps and valuable information, while guided tours ensure a personalized experience.

Check out the great work of our local school kids in helping keep Ulva Island predator free!


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