Scenic, Historic, Wild-Life, Pelagic Tours

Scenic, Historic, Wild-Life, Pelagic Tours

Why take a scenic boat tour on Stewart Island?

Exploring the Island through a scenic boat tour offers a unique perspective of Stewart Island beyond land-based adventures. While roads and bush trails have their charm, the boat tour provides an expansive view, allowing close interaction with wildlife and a firsthand experience of the island’s natural beauty. From diverse marine life to rich bird species and thriving seaweed populations, each boat tour reveals the wonders of the ocean and coastline, making it an exploration of the island's vibrant ecosystem.

Led by local skippers deeply knowledgeable about the island's history and nature, the boat tours provide an educational and enriching experience. These experienced guides, integrated into the island community, share valuable insights and offer a more personal interaction. Our small group sizes ensure an engaging journey through the island's history and natural marvels, making your tour both fulfilling and memorable.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Stewart Island Pelagic Tour

Experience Stewart Island's authentic wildlife with our pelagic tour, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. Nestled at the convergence of the Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean, Stewart Island offers a unique opportunity to encounter a diverse array of oceanic bird species not commonly found elsewhere, except for the remote Subantarctic Islands.

This tour presents a chance to spot penguins, albatross, mollymawks, petrels, cormorants, gulls, terns, skua, and wading birds. Our experienced skippers tailor the excursion based on your interests, the day's conditions, and weather. Explore various areas, including Ulva Island coastline, the Bravo Island group, the Neck, Whero rock, Bench Island, and other points of interest around Paterson Inlet/Stewart Island.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

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Historic Norwegian Whaler’s Base Scenic Tour

Get off-the-beaten-track…
Not every visitor visits the whaler’s base – but it is a bit of a local favourite.

Be dropped off on the golden sand at Millar’s Beach. Then, cross through old Rimu-rich forest on the bush track to the whaler’s base. Along the way discover pieces of history characterising Stewart Island’s diverse and rich past.

At the whaler’s base explore a shipwreck, sizeable discarded propellers, an old Swedish boiler, factory foundations, and informational placards. Get a feel for what life was like in this flourishing Stewart Island settlement. A settlement that was an important connection between Antarctica, New Zealand, and Norway in the early 1900s.

We can customise your drop-off and pickup times to suit you.

Duration: We recommend 2 Hours

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Evening Cruise

Join us on an evening cruise around Paterson Inlet and enjoy beautiful scenery bathed in golden hues – making it fantastic for photography.

Notice how the evening takes on a certain special flavour because of the light and the sunset hour.

Chance upon wildlife and the unexpected whilst casting your gaze upon the Land of the Glowing Skies – Rakiura.

Feel free to bring your own food & drink to enjoy aboard.

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours

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Freshwater River Scenic Tour

For trampers, Freshwater river is known as the gateway to Mason Bay and the West coast of Stewart Island, as if offers a considerable shortcut. As a scenic tour, it offers exhilaration, diversity and adventure. Even dubbed an amazon adventure by some!

Navigate the serpentine river at speed to catch the tide. Slowing down at times to give you the opportunity to soak it all in. Watch the environment transition before your eyes – from Toetoe wetlands to overhanging Manuka forest. In the upper reaches, the river becomes increasingly narrow and bush clad hills begin to overshadow the boat! At the top, a swing bridge gives you a beautiful view over the inky river before you make your way in the reverse direction.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

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Oban By Boat

You can tour the bay aboard our classic boat - Ranui - to get a unique perspective of our village. An hour of exploring the little bays, chance upon the odd penguin, small albatross, historic and scenic attractions...a must do for every visitor!

This tour is ideal for those who want to nip out for a short cruise and be back in time for lunch or one of their connecting flights or ferries to and from Stewart Island. At $45 per adult it is alsounbeatable value for money!

Duration: 1 Hour

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Custom Boat Charter

If you have something particular in mind, such as a special event (Birthday, Anniversary, Suprise Party), we can fully tailor our cruises. With a selection of 4 vessels, ranging from speedy watertaxi and dive boat, to luxurious overnight charter boat…we can get you where you want in style, speed, and comfort. Be it a bespoke evening cruise with dinner aboard, and champagne on a remote beach to enjoy our stunning sunsets, or just a timely transport to get your party together at a remote location for a surprise party, let us know, we can help.

We partner together with local food establishments to provide catering as well.

Talk with our steam to customise a tour that best suits you and fits the conditions.

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